Thursday, January 31, 2008

The pressure : Do u feel it?!

Do you feel the pressure?. The pressure of carrying 'it' with you all through the day!!. The need for eliminating 'it'. 'It' makes you starve. 'It' makes you run. I have 'it' in me. Do you?.

*Gazing at the computer with fingers pointed towards the screen*

Yeah?. Join the club. I am fat and so are you. *proud smiles*

For all those who dont feel the pressure,

You are probably thin. Either that or you are fat, married and probably, you dont give a damn to what the world thinks about you and regard RAKHI SAWANT as the sexiest woman on earth.

I have always been lousy at sports. Though I Kinda catch them on TV, playing out in the open has never been my kind of activity. But there are times in life when you wake up in the morning with the feeling that you have a guinea pig tied up to your torso, especially when you are 75 Kgs, short and feel that your jean zip does not do its fair share of cover up.

That is when I decided I would wait for the feeling to go away and continue being fat.

Muhahaha. Old joke. The last time I made a joke as remotely funny and cliched like that, my dog puked, my freinds gave me comments asking me stop trying to do "attempted humor" and I received 87634 mails asking me to roll over and die.

On a serious note, I decided its time for me to shed some fat off, and so went on to think about some of the most traditional and hackneyed methods of weight reduction.

1. Starve : Nope, This dint work as I have a mouth for eer...nothing in particular composition but for everything with gustative appreciation.
2. Dieting : Would rather starve than to live on a goat's feed.
3. Hit the gym : Show my fat to a crowd and get embarrassed. Never.
4. Running, Walking and rolling on the floor : Too much work, I am pretty lazy for that kinda crap.

And so, this is when I realized there are more important things in life than reducing weight. think, there is actually none, but who cares, I just cant reduce weight. :). But if you are someone who is desperately looking to reduce weight, follow 1,2,3, & 4 or even better, google for an idea.

P.S : See that 'Indiblogger' logo?. Looks cool eh?. Register @ indiblogger and get it for free. It is no way a token of appreciation or an indication of the standard of this blog. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

post #2:I cant think of a title!!

Its 10.47 PM on the clock and I am starring at the computer screen. These are my first letters in 3 hours, 34 minutes and 56 seconds.

For so long, I have been trying to make a good post, which by the way, elucidates how meticulously I strive to bring interesting information(?) into this blog. But sadly the effect of watching an over excited Sidhu on cricket controversies and the impact of hearing to exalted comments of sidhuism has made me go numb and cold.

Just when I though I would quit trying to post and goto sleep, there was this news bout the TATA's new "CAR". And unfortunate enough for you, I got the spark to decide on what I am going to post on. Yeah, You guessed right, this post is all about "CAR"LA BRUNI, who by the way is no stranger to me beacuse of my affiliation to YOU KNOW WAT!!

For all those who are not aware, Carla Bruni is the present day girl friend of the French President NICOLAS SARKOZY. She is a model by profession, musician by passion and was a hot hot chick once ( NOTE : May differ with the opinion of the reader!!). The French president got himself elected to office in May 2007, divorced his wife in october 2007 and went on a vacation with Carla Bruni to Egypt in december 2007. And we think we live a life, baa!!.

It was widely expected Ms.Bruni would accompany the president on his visit to India. But unfortunately, owing to increased pressure from Ms.Jayalalithaa and Ms.Mayawathi who felt that in Bruni's presence, both would look "Over weight", "Over dressed" and hence apparently Over looked". Hence Bruni's visa was rejected. A lonely Sarcozy had to visit the TajMahal alone. Sad.

Bruni's music albums completely reflect her.

Those little things (2006) - Yeah, those little but pretty things :)

No promises ( 2007 ) - well, Failed relationships with 6 men and still counting, Just the thing one can expect.

Yawnnn. Alryt then, I guess that was all the stuff I could google on a exhausted night, with a friend watching the grudge movie, adding to my woes. Hope to post better posts sometime later. Cya :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Why this blog?!

Warning :

1. This is the blog of a rookie. So If u like the blog post a comment. IF you dont, post a comment even then.
2. The sense of humour employed here may prove to bum out a few of the readers here. If u dont like the sense of writing, Do comment.
3. Its pretty tough to write the same thing over and over again in different sentences. So move over to the stuff below.

Very obvious from the title, this first post of mine is about my intentions for starting this blog.

1. There was a time when everyone wanted to have an e-mail id and there was a time when everyone wanted to have an orkut profile. And there is this time when everyone wants to have a blog and so here it is, an other young blog, one among the other 123456789 bloggers who start a blog for the heck of it with one mighty post to their credit !!".

2. Killing time on the net can be fun. Staring at the computer screen waiting for a scrap reply, clicking on ads which pays 0.0001$ for viewing a web page for a very small amount of time( Most of the times, its 44556seconds) and ofcrz not to forget the only source of solace in times of sadness, happiness, disgust, frustration and all other feelings : PORN ( Nopes, My folks dont know I blog!!). So i wanted to do something else which may prove more useful for me and less useful for the rest of the world.

And so, here I am starting to blog and hoping to make it my second most preferred past time on the net (PORN comes first, hands down!! ;) ).

Now, i cant think of a signing off verse. So the bottomline (litereally) is cya. :)