Wednesday, February 27, 2008

JUNO - movie review

Cast : Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Jenifer Garner.
Direction : Jason Reitman.
Screen play : Diablo Cody.

WARNING : If you are not comfortable watching Drama, then you will definitely hate this movie.

Juno Macguff ( Ellen page) is a 16 year old high schooler who gets pregnant with her friend Paulie bleeker ( Michael cera), who is in love with her. Juno decides to abort the baby but later changes her mind and decides to give away the baby for adoption. With help from her best friend Leah, Juno finally zeros in on Veneesa Lorin ( Jenifer Garner) and Mark Lorin (Jason Bateman). The various incidents succeeding this decision is that, which forms the story.

Firstly, even before I caught this movie, I knew that it was about a comedy drama about a pregnant girl. Fresh from the effect of watching 'Knocked up' ( which actually shares the same concept), I was expecting an out right comedy flick. Juno is definitely not hilariously funny, but nevertheless, does not fail to impress with excellent performance by Ellen page and its articulate screen play. The movie has a certain vibe to it, which makes you sit back and watch it.

Ellen page has played the role of the witty and endearing Juno Macguff with finesse and panache. And it is the same with the rest of the cast, which supports the smooth flow of the movie. The movie throws up subtle surprises all the time. The scenes where Juno's parents take the news of Juno's pregnancy lightly, while they initially conceive a conventional grown-ups kind of image and the belied characters of the Lorin couples, who initially look like made for each other, fairy tale couples are some note worthy examples.

Not to be forgotten is the excellent BGM score and the title track. The music completely fits into the mood of the story and makes sure that watching this movie is a pleasant experience.

Juno is easily one of the best films of 2007.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The valentines day fiasco!!

A post on the evening of February 14th, on a blog from A GUY, who has been single all his life could be on......well, ANYTHING. But I found the perfect story to write about.

The indian news channels are known for their diligent and industrious efforts to keep the average Indian citizen well informed. They strive to provide first hand information on all vital issues. Without them, it is impossible for the people of the country to be aware of the..."SIGNIFICANT HAPPENINGS IN BOLLYWOOD" (?).

On the morning of valentine's day, I woke up to the "BREAKING NEWS" about the unreasonably gorgeous and the second most intelligent living machine on earth - RAKHI SAWANT, the first being the impeccable LALOO PRASAD YADAV. The crux of the matter was that Rakhi has patched up with her boy friend ABHISHEK AWASTHI. Its hard to beleive, but yeah, Rakhi sawant is a female and shockingly, she has a boy friend as well.

The 'exclusive report' starts off with a visibly happy abishek being threatned by the headlines today crew to patch up with Rakhi so that they have a story to sell.Initially he maintains restraint but finally gives in when the channel threatens to call in ESHA DEOL to beat him up with her strong biceps. This part of the report was exclusive only to....eer...ME. Muhahaha.

And so, in the publicly screened 'EXCLUSIVE REPORT' the first scene starts off with Abhishek getting into ARCHIES to fish out a gift for his lady love. After an exhilarating and strenous effort to gift something that a girl would never expect on valentine's day, he buys a COPIOUSLY HAIRED TEDDY BEAR, A SORRY CARD and in an attempt to be at the height of being unique, decides to buy ROSES. (Roses for valentine's day? - boy, that's unique!!)

As they arrive at Rakhi's place, they catch her in the middle of her Yoga classes. As abhishek apologised, a suprisingly calm and with a meditative look on her face (Yea,Yea I am making this up!), Rakhi walks down to abishek showing no signs of suprise or anger, stands still and SLAPS him. But the rest of the story is a cliche. Yes - they patched up. (Yawn!!).

Meanwhile, a visibly moved L.K.Advani has decided to recommend Rakhi Savant for the Bharat Ratna.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A post out of nothing!!

When you are catching this on a bad day at a bad time, chill, its Murphy's law : EVERYTHING GOES WRONG AT THE SAME TIME.

When you are in an exam hall with completely no clue on what is posted in front on you, the mind drifts through every bit of undistinguished information that you have heard off.

9.20 A.M
I sat conceiving a believable meaning for 'satellite graveyards'.

15 minutes later
I am still thinking on an answer.


Mind voice : " It has been 15 minutes and I still havent been able to conceive an answer!!. Probably my creativity quotient is poor. Hmmm. No wonder, i cant think of anything for the blog. "

9.50 A.M


I gave up my last efforts to conceive imaginary answers for complex queries on the paper and buried the hopes of further scribbling down fibs on 'atmospheric drag' and 'sidereal time'.

9.51 A.M

I made up my mind to spend the rest of the time on making my mind to churn out a little something for a new post. Some of the immediate options :

1. Post about a list of ' My most favourite movies', about which no one would give a damn.

2. Put up pictures of my 3 year old trip to Kodaikanal, with detailed explanations about the place, so that you dont have to hire a guide, when you go there.

3. Even better, split it up into 4 posts, so that I can put up better descriptions of how we
checked into the hotel, went horse riding, ate, drank, burped and made a fart.

4. Best of all, google for interesting stuff and post it here, with a sign that reads ' I thought this was interesting, Enjoy!!', which basically means ' Eer...I cant think'.

10.13 A.M

Decided to chuck all the 4 ideas, as they have already been implemented by other 'innovative' friends.


Mind voice again but this time with an excited tone : "Ah!!.Brain storming!!"

So I sat, with a brain ready to get stormed by innumerably different thoughts!!.

Hmmm - Eeer - Bo-ring - petrol smells good - crap, everyone is writing - WTF, he got an extra sheet - go back to the test - I am single and loving it - I am desperately single *sigh* - Think about a post - Hmmm - may be, a POST ON : how to avoid hair fall - improve weight - pole dancing - Nah, Hmmm - quit blogging?? - may be I should? - Bay watch - And at this point of time, my mind drifted into private space and refused to come out of it, for a significant period of time.

10.40 A.M

I finally decided on a post, which without doubt would completely promise to be useless, just like its predecessors.

If this post made you feel good, SMILE....TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE WORSE.(Murphy again!!)