Thursday, March 6, 2008

Poetical disaster

After days of reviews and information, I am back to what I am best at : writing undistinguished posts!!

This time its a Poem to actuate my artistry for this from of the art.
It all started with this chat with a friend 'E'. Am putting down a part of the conversation we had. 'E' was asking me to download ' school of scoundrels'.

E : now
i suggest
you go download that movie.

Me : OKay man
will do
i cant do it b4 2
wat plan r u on?

E : i am on the download download download
and get laid while you are at it plan

Me :
poor joke,u awful dork
say no more or i will poke

Ok, so now am going to get down to writing my poem. It may look to you as though all I am trying to do is to rhyme words. If you thought that - Yea, that is the Kinda poems I know.

To write a poem, is a task,
but Y am I writing, u just cannot ask.
This poem may sound awful or bad,
but thats how I write... so sad.

There are people who are shy and coy,
But booze and fag fills them with joy.
Nature is beautiful, so bonnie and green,
Aw, it hurts, himesh bhai's movie, i should have never seen!!

I know what you're thinking
cos i feel the same.
This is an experiment gone
berserk and insane.

Now, there!!. Thats something.

Around the world, several level headed bloggers rapidly click on the 'flag blog' option.


Dragon said...

top notch poem man..poor Himesh bhai..u dragged him unnecessarily..well carry on..

Suresh Kumar said...

thala, ungalala mathirum dhan ithu mathiri elutha mudium... enga irundhun dhan kathukitio...

china said...

ho my gawd!!!!!!!!

sunny_raju said...

Hey experiment isnt insane.
its very good
worth readin

Barathsingh said...

ha...nice-try!! but you made it well as a post..!!

Dragon said...

my first comment speaks about it..u could try writing a poem that gives a comic sense

arjun said...

'This is an experiment which went fine and just fine'(shld be the last line )
Good One man...
The himesh thing was funny....lolz :)
Looking Forward..............


subni said...

he!! he! ha! ha! ho!! ho!!
nice post !

Comfortably Numb said...

He he he!
Nice job...**I was forced to think about the category which my poems fall into**

and yea thanx fo ya help in the downloading stuff man!


Pranay said...

ohh!! ohhh my godd!!! this was a life-changing experience! Such immense depth in writing... Such expertise at language... impeccable!
You transformed the whole arena into this.. uhh.. this utopic world.. where everytng is perfect, just like ur poem!
"HAIL THIS YOUNG POET, WORLD! A true maestro is born!"

Btw, you have justified ur blog title with this post!!! hehe!

Kenneth said...

I actually felt like readin right till the end....which could only bea good thing...Kudos

Rajesh|Rice|Raven said...

romba professionala blog panriyo..
ithellam irukettum... u asked me a question na?
no way near... i m not .. but i would like to be...:-)
machi how abt creating links btwn our pages...?
if thats ok...
to ur links n then give me a comment on my blog with ur url.. i ll return the favour..

Radha said...

quite an entertainin poem.. :)

keep it up..

Suresh Kumar said...

dei... when will i get to see your next post....