Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A post out of nothing!!

When you are catching this on a bad day at a bad time, chill, its Murphy's law : EVERYTHING GOES WRONG AT THE SAME TIME.

When you are in an exam hall with completely no clue on what is posted in front on you, the mind drifts through every bit of undistinguished information that you have heard off.

9.20 A.M
I sat conceiving a believable meaning for 'satellite graveyards'.

15 minutes later
I am still thinking on an answer.


Mind voice : " It has been 15 minutes and I still havent been able to conceive an answer!!. Probably my creativity quotient is poor. Hmmm. No wonder, i cant think of anything for the blog. "

9.50 A.M


I gave up my last efforts to conceive imaginary answers for complex queries on the paper and buried the hopes of further scribbling down fibs on 'atmospheric drag' and 'sidereal time'.

9.51 A.M

I made up my mind to spend the rest of the time on making my mind to churn out a little something for a new post. Some of the immediate options :

1. Post about a list of ' My most favourite movies', about which no one would give a damn.

2. Put up pictures of my 3 year old trip to Kodaikanal, with detailed explanations about the place, so that you dont have to hire a guide, when you go there.

3. Even better, split it up into 4 posts, so that I can put up better descriptions of how we
checked into the hotel, went horse riding, ate, drank, burped and made a fart.

4. Best of all, google for interesting stuff and post it here, with a sign that reads ' I thought this was interesting, Enjoy!!', which basically means ' Eer...I cant think'.

10.13 A.M

Decided to chuck all the 4 ideas, as they have already been implemented by other 'innovative' friends.


Mind voice again but this time with an excited tone : "Ah!!.Brain storming!!"

So I sat, with a brain ready to get stormed by innumerably different thoughts!!.

Hmmm - Eeer - Bo-ring - petrol smells good - crap, everyone is writing - WTF, he got an extra sheet - go back to the test - I am single and loving it - I am desperately single *sigh* - Think about a post - Hmmm - may be, a POST ON : how to avoid hair fall - improve weight - pole dancing - Nah, Hmmm - quit blogging?? - may be I should? - Bay watch - And at this point of time, my mind drifted into private space and refused to come out of it, for a significant period of time.

10.40 A.M

I finally decided on a post, which without doubt would completely promise to be useless, just like its predecessors.

If this post made you feel good, SMILE....TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE WORSE.(Murphy again!!)


Tushar Ghosh said...

At six of clock in the morning I tried to read your blog out of boredome but Murphy's law stikes again. I concole saying this words to myself " what has to go wrong will go wrong"

arvind said...

Ajy I saw what u were doing in the exam hall..scratching your head and staring at the walls..guessed right there wud be a post on it..poor thing that murphys law worked right in your batting adventures after the exam as well...

Aravind said...

What a name for the blog..... absolutely meaningful...
good one mate..

Pranay said...

u dint tell.... how did u fare in the exam???
even i am largely at loss of topics to write upon! but stil manage sumtng or the other.. however silly it may be..!
nice post..

Suresh Kumar said...

creating posts out of nothing.... good idea,

good post nanba, you just keep getting better and better.

gauravbrills said...

that thought about satellite graveyards was gr8 :)


Preethi said...

fact : u run outta ideas
fiction : this blog bringing a smile on ppl's faces
fantasy : "private space" that u had mentioned :)

Vinodh said...

awesome talent to make a post outta nothing...i was smilin like a mad man all through your post:D