Thursday, March 6, 2008

Poetical disaster

After days of reviews and information, I am back to what I am best at : writing undistinguished posts!!

This time its a Poem to actuate my artistry for this from of the art.
It all started with this chat with a friend 'E'. Am putting down a part of the conversation we had. 'E' was asking me to download ' school of scoundrels'.

E : now
i suggest
you go download that movie.

Me : OKay man
will do
i cant do it b4 2
wat plan r u on?

E : i am on the download download download
and get laid while you are at it plan

Me :
poor joke,u awful dork
say no more or i will poke

Ok, so now am going to get down to writing my poem. It may look to you as though all I am trying to do is to rhyme words. If you thought that - Yea, that is the Kinda poems I know.

To write a poem, is a task,
but Y am I writing, u just cannot ask.
This poem may sound awful or bad,
but thats how I write... so sad.

There are people who are shy and coy,
But booze and fag fills them with joy.
Nature is beautiful, so bonnie and green,
Aw, it hurts, himesh bhai's movie, i should have never seen!!

I know what you're thinking
cos i feel the same.
This is an experiment gone
berserk and insane.

Now, there!!. Thats something.

Around the world, several level headed bloggers rapidly click on the 'flag blog' option.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Run fatboy run : movie review

Cast : Simon pegg, Thandie newton, Hank azaria, Dylon Moron.
Direction : David Schwimmer.
Screenplay : Ian black and Simon pegg.

I have always liked David Schwimmer for his character as the awesomely funny Dr. Ross geller in Friends. Run fatboy run, Schwimmer's directorial debut starts of to be funny but loses all the gas towards the end.

Dennis( Simon Pegg) gets cold feet on his wedding day and runs off, leaving behind his pregnant fiancee Libby ( Thandie Newton). Five years later, Dennis works as a security guard to a clothing store and Libby runs her own bakery. Libby starts dating Whit ( Hank Azaria), a rich guy and fitness freak, who plans to migrate to Chicago with Libby and Dennis's son Jake. Dennis whose love for Libby never abated realizes that its now or never.

The movie starts off with a few good laughs, but over the time, it begins to fade. I don't have any problems watching movies with predictable climax or ' happily ever after' endings, but to know the climax and to arrive at it after a long drag is awful. Simon pegg does a good job of portraying a guy with less inspiration. The characterization of Hank azaria is a complete cliche. How many more movies are we gonna see with the initially good guy turn into a stumble bum at the end?!.

Though Dennis completes the marathon race, the movie fails mid way. Watch this movie, if you are stuck with nothing other than 'I know who killed me'.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Improve Utorrent speeds!!

I have been trying to improve my U torrent download speeds and I guess I have succeded to an extent as well. i have compiled all those steps I got from the net here. Follow these and enjoy high speeds.

1. Port forwarding your port. This is "THE" important step. Click here and get all the step by step information on port forwarding.

2. Have a port number above 10000. To change your port number, click on options ---> preferences ----> connections.

3. Whenever you start downloading, choose the maximum upload speed to 15 or 20 Kbps. Having very high upload rate as well as having very low upload rates will affect the download speed.

4. Always keep the download speed at "unlimited".

5. In the preferences make sure your configuartion are like this :

Randomize port each time utorrent starts UNCHECKED
Randomize port each time utorrent starts UNCHECKED
Add utorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions UNCHECKED
Protocol Encryption ENABLED
Allow incoming Legacy Connections CHECKED

6. Download a healthy torrent with a lot of seeds and peers.

Follow these steps. My speed increased from 20Kbps to 150 kbps!!.